TJ Sokol Slezské předměstí

On the dawn of 2005 me (Filip Hušek) and Jan (Pavouk) Tomšovský [Yun Tomshovskie] decided to build our own vert ramp. Surface of the ramp on Dukla in Pardubice town which we previously used since summer 2003 was already excessively worn. Because a possibility someone would build or even just pay the supplies for it proved to be really unlikely during the past few years. Hence we found ourselves making one of the two basic choices. Either to invest own finance into given surface and continue commuting 25 km to Pardubice sometimes risking the ramp was going to be wet that day anyway or with much more effort and financial resources into a building of a new ramp in Hradec. The image of throwing around hundreds of Euros into playwoods which would be going to rain and snow on - not mentioning occasional pyrotechnical activities of Dukla park visitors - made our decision making understandably easy. The town in which Jakub Staša once fanned ramp enthusiasm was finally going to manage a solid ramp.

I started looking for a proper place for the new ramp. I even thought about buying some palin ground. Fortunatelly I also turned to sport club TJ Sokol Slezské předměstí where I managed to negotiate the ramp placement. The placement on an already existing sports ground turned out to have many advantages. For example its buildings gave us smooth access to the energy. Besides my personal savings We did not have any other finance resources available so it came quite handy.

On January 9th 2006 we begun the building of the ramp. A good thing we previously gained deep experinece from building street courses and miniramp extensions. Therefore we had a pretty good conception what we are doing and how it should look when done.

On March 8th 2006 we dropped the new ramp for the first time and boy, it did not disappoint us. Later that year with help from Mára Čejchan & others we have built an overall tentlike roof for the winter. During the following years we completely renewed the surface of the ramp 3-times. Sponsorship is open all the time as maintenance itself costs us over 2000 EUR every year. Note we do all works by ourselves so the amount is price only for supplies.

The ramp is in Hradec Kralove on enclosed sports gound TJ Sokol Slezské Předměstí - so called Háječek [Hi-a-check], about 100 meters from the final MHD Bus stop Cihelna on lines 3, 6, 14, 27, and 5. It takes only 10 minutes to bike there from the town centre. Access is possible from the north park. Go from the tř. SNP road, turn around the U kozatý pub into Březová street, then turn left on Topolová street, and turn left into the park. [50°13'9.675"N, 15°51'48.186"E]

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